Mission & Objectives


The Tropical Science Foundation previously known as Mahathir Science Award Foundation (MSAF). The Foundation was established on 11 June 2010. Its mission is to champion tropical sciences, according benefits to countries in the tropics and the world at large through the award and the Foundation's activities.


Objective 1: To Champion Tropical Sciences Initiatives

1.1 To facilitate and promote research, education, and collaboration in tropical sciences, including but not limited to areas such as Tropical Medicine, Tropical Agriculture, Tropical Architecture and Engineering and Tropical Natural Resources.

1.2 To organise conferences, seminars/webinars and symposiums and other activities to encourage knowledge exchange, networking, and the dissemination of scientific findings in the tropics related to tropical sciences

Objective 2: To Bestow General Awards and Grants

2.1 To bestow the prestigious "Mahathir Science Award" on any scientists, institutions or organizations worldwide in recognition of contributions and innovations towards solving problems in the tropics through science and technology; to confer the award to researches who have made internationally recognised breakthroughs in pioneering tropical research and who have contributed cutting edge tropical research that have brought impact on the well-being of society in the fields of Tropical Medicine, Tropical Agriculture, Tropical Architecture and Engineering and Tropical Natural Resources.

2.2 To establish awards for youth in recognising of outstanding young individuals for their exceptional contributions to the advancement of tropical sciences, conservation, and sustainable development.

2.3 To award grants and other relevant honors to recognise any individual or organisation that has contributed to the well-being of society through tropical research and in the advancement of tropical sciences.

2.4 To foster innovation, research, and initiatives that address critical challenges faced by tropical regions and their communities, through financial support and recognition.

Objective 3: To Elevate the Importance of Indigenous Knowledge in the Tropics

3.1 To promote the protection and preservation of cultural heritage and indigenous knowledge systems of the peoples and communities residing in the tropics.

3.2 To collaborate with indigenous communities, traditional knowledge holders, and local stakeholders to ensure their active participation in sustainable development projects and conservation efforts within their territories.

3.3 To promote initiatives that explore the synergies between modern scientific knowledge and traditional practices, seeking to integrate and respect the wisdom of indigenous peoples in the pursuit of sustainable development.